Our Writers:

David Wayne Mathias - A native of the small rural town of Silvis, Illinois but was raised by the sounds of Bob Kingsley and the Country Top 40, Dave Mathias has worked and written with some of the industries most reknown professionals as Nelson Larkin & Ron “Snake” Reynolds, Dave’s musical style is best described as being heart-felt country, amazingly similar to country music legend Keith Whitley. He has also been compared to the musical styles of Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, and George Strait, but with a new and unique voice. Dave is an experienced singer and songwriter, who continues to perform songs that touch a broad audience by simply conveying the songs as if they were experienced life stories.

Dave’s attitude toward writing and singing are summed up best by this quote from Dave himself:

“The ability to speak directly to someone’s heart and tell a complete story in around three minutes, is priceless.”

Mike Boyer - Ozone Ramblers Steel Man - "Silly" South American hit originally on RCA Mexico

Brian Lowe - Has worked with Nashville acts scoring 3 top 10 Cashbox hits, written with Dak Alley (writer for Alabama, etc...)...Brian is signed as a solo artist with Big Noise recording out of Aurora, Colorado, and has also worked with such acts as the Clint Moody Band (producing, playing on, and arranging Clint's second cd, which featured a song to hit the Texas charts), and Noel Haggard as lead guitarist. 

Brian is an accomplished producer, engineer and guitarist out of North Carolina with several works to his credit such as “California Sun” & “So What”.

Brian is endorsed by several companies, including Michael Dolsey Guitars, and this year his signature model was introduced. Other endorsements include Curt Mangan strings, Pickworld Picks, EMG pickups, Nady Systems, and Boulder Creek acoustic guitars...

Kurt Wooldridge – Learned the craft of writing songs from many Nashville songwriters & the late Joel Kipp. He has written songs with Jeff Carson & Tom Drennon (Darryl Worley’s drummer). Songs such as “Twang Factor”, Our Neck Of The Woods &” It’ll Come out In the Wash” are just a few of the songs he has written. He has had cuts on compilations overseas and even charted in Australia, Spain, Sweden & South America. His attitude as a writer boils down to one phrase “It all comes down to great songs” this attitude has served him well in his writing career.

Joel Kipp – A Burlington Iowa native and owner of Musicians Pro Shop and School of Music is a VERY successful musician, engineer, producer, and owns and operates one of the Midwest’s premier studios. Joel is very accomplished and has written songs that have appeared in film as well as been inducted into the Iowa Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.


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