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We at RSM believe that any great business relationship must have honesty, integrity and most of all an all on-board passion to really achieve success. Through new methods of technology it is possible to successfully Brand and Market an Artist. Our values will play a huge role in the manner in which we gain financial support as well as how we deal with contacts. We at RSM feel it is the management's job to lie out goals and to keep all on track to meet these goals. It is our job as management to position the Artist for success by all means possible.

The days of going to a record label and landing a deal are effectively over. In fact even when an Artist does have traction and visibility and proven sales and offers the whole package most labels still don’t even give them a second look. Even if they did and offered them a deal it would be what we call a 360 deal meaning a small advance in exchange for a percentage of all revenues an Artist can generate.

Therefore the smartest approach would be by DIY Doing It Yourself. And here at RSM that is what we are committed to, helping artists and groups become established and self sufficient through owning their own music based business. To that end artists and groups keep their profits and own their copyrights and are well positioned to have the advantage to deal if the big labels ever do come along.

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