Leaving Abbey


From the quaint little river town of Burlington, Iowa spawns a group that is a real treat for all things related to the Beatles.

Leaving Abbey members wanted the group to have a brand sound and music style, so they decided to perform songs written by Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison, songs only RELATED TO THE BEATLES. They are NOT a Beatles Cover Band or a Tribute band.

They will perform only Classic songs from the “Fab Four”, Paul McCartney solo career, and with Wings, George Harrison and the Traveling Wilburys, all Lennon discography, and anyone other band or musician that was part of the Beatles music royalty.

By adding the band rock guitar driven style to these musical masterpieces, the guys hope for the public to have as much fun enjoying the show as they do on stage. This act has proven to bring any event alive be it a Corporate Event, Festival, Fair, Club or Casino.

Members of the group are Carlos Capdevila (Drums, percussion and Vocals, John Grahm (Guitar, Keys and vocals), Paul Miller (Bass and Vocals) & Tom Nelson (Guitars and Vocals) and together they have a rare chemistry not seen in too many of today’s groups.

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P.O. Box 372
Burlington, IA 52601