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You might ask?

What is Sojourn?

Well the answer is a short stay, rest or stopover. That is what the group sojourn is all about. Sojourn takes you on a musical journey that starts in the 60s and continues through the music of today. Longtime friends who wanted to combine musical skills and vocal abilities to entertain audiences from young ages to the mature listener as well formed sojourn.

Sojourn plays the music that will bring fond memories of past times and events. The journey is a long one and a fun ride too. The trip is full of surprises the band might strike up Run around Sue and the next tune might be a song from Ozzie you just never know what is around the next turn. The ultimate musical journey has added country to its play list from Patsy to Martina and Little big town to name a few. If variety is what you seek and entertainment is what you want and if you want appeal to all ages and genres Sojourn is the group you need to book for your event.

Sojourn plays the hits and brings back the memories. Sojourn is a professional act that sports 5 musicians and 6 vocalists. Tight harmonies and great musicianship is their forte. You will enjoy what they do and how they do it. Each performance is different and can be tailored for your event so if you want classic rock or country or a mixture of the two is up to you. Sojourn has lights and sound and can travel to meet you. So are you ready for the journey the ultimate musical journey?

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