Jason Mitchell

Funny how sometimes the things a person most fiercely resists later become the very things they embrace most completely. That’s certainly the case with Jason Mitchell, a dynamic young country singer whose music business childhood left him convinced he wanted nothing to do with being a performer.

“I was born in Nashville and grew up a total studio rat,” Jason explains. “My dad, Dan Mitchell, is a producer and songwriter (“If You’re Gonna Play In Texas (You Gotta Have A Fiddle In The Band”) and mom made stage clothes for a bunch of stars.”

At the time the elder Mitchell was directing the entertainment at a local tourist attraction. “A couple months later I was sitting in economics class and got a text from him that said, ‘Heading to auditions, see you later,’” Jason says. He looked up from his phone to see the students around him and the Japanese teacher whose English he could barely understand and made a decision. “I picked up my books, walked out of the class, went to the audition and made the cast,” he says. “Dad was like, 'I had no idea you sang.’ I was there for the next four years.”

Performing six shows a day and as many as 1,300 in one season, Jason poured himself into music. “I only knew two songs at first: 'My Girl’ and 'I Miss My Friend.’” He learned quickly, however, and soon produced his own CD, selling 1,000 copies in a just a few months. And a strong work ethic, the one he’d seen in his father, took over.

Jason began performing anywhere that would have him, working on his music and developing as an artist to the point he was signed by legendary Nashville manager Dale Morris. And he’s giving back, as promised. A foundation he started has already raised $25,000 for the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Burn Center.

His debut single, “I’m Your Chicken Man,” shows Jason’s playful side, while songs like “Slow And Steady” smolder with passion. Going after fans one-by-one at each and every show, Jason Mitchell is as committed to his career as he once was opposed to the idea. And he’s a quick study.

“I saw so many artists my dad worked with squander their opportunity,” he says. “I’m not comfortable going to sleep at night thinking there’s somebody out there working harder than I am.”


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