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Jason Brown was born and raised outside of Pella, Iowa, across the road from his grandparent’s farm.  After the chores were done his grandmother taught him how to sing while she played the piano with her nine fingers.  With her help Jason starting singing in church at the age of four.  Hard work and his Midwest family raising are the seeds that have rooted Jason firmly in country music.

Jason burst into the Iowa Country music scene with the release of his DREAM album.  Numerous hit singles charting in the top 70 on MediaBase Country Music Charts and the unbelievable support of Country music stations built a broad and loyal fan base throughout the Midwest that has continued to turn out to hear him sing at fairs and festivals as well as more intimate venues.  The grace of God, strong support from the fans, and country radio stations made this happen, proving that individuals working together can make huge impacts!

With a new focus on releasing a CD with songs he’s written and others he’s performed live the past two years, Jason is building on the foundation of his debut project.  Whether backed by a full band or with just a guitar, Jason’s songs combine equal parts musical and vocal excellence: proclaiming a love of all things Midwest.  Using his journey to bring awareness to the needs of small towns and more American Farmers, Jason and his team look forward to the road ahead. 

Though the industry has put up its fair share of road blocks, Jason has met every one of them head on, using each as a learning experience and an opportunity to form strong relationships based on honesty and integrity.


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