Daryle Singletary


Few children at the age of nine can truly describe what they hope to accomplish when they become an adult. In reality, few adults can say their childhood dreams have come true at all. But for Daryle Singletary, he is living his childhood dream, and enjoying every second! He knows that he is “one of the fortunate few” to be where he is today. Daryle comes by his love of traditional country music honestly.

A native of Whigham, Georgia, his great-grandmother was a fiddle player and his parents were part of a gospel group. Through growing up in a family that sang Southern Gospel music, Daryle developed a deep passion for the great singers from the gospel music genre.

As with many great vocalists, the gospel influence created a solid foundation for traditional country singers and music, which has been the cornerstone of Daryle’s career. "I grew up singin' gospel music, but always was a big fan of traditional country music.” Daryle won his first talent show in fifth grade, and he was winning them regularly in high school. He had his own band in 9th grade, which was about the time the older girls on choral bus trips were asking him to sing for them. Daryle was quickly sold on singing as a career possibility.

Daryle Singletary's  most notable songs are “I Let Her Lie”, “Amen Kind Of Love”, “Too Much Fun”, “The Note” and many others.

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